Stresa, Venice, Florence Sienna, Rome, Milan

In 2004, we took a 16 day trip to Italy. There were six in the group and we relied on public transportation with our own hotel accommodations.  No tour buses, only Eurostar.  The itinerary included Stresa in Northern Italy, 3 days in Venice, then to Florence, a day trip each to Rome and Sienna, finiishing in Milan, where we had entered the country.  I had intended the Italy photographs to be mixed in on the Gallery Page.  After looking at them and culling out this sample, I realized that this wouldn't work.  They deserve their own space. My thinking when I took these pictures was much different that it would be if I returned to Italy today.  It was a fine trip, and I wish I could go again to see the rest of the country.  It is marvelous, and the food is excellent.