2021 revision. Always a work in progress.  Please address all queries and comments to the email address below. Can't have too much feedback


A word about the images:  I am not a post-processer (i.e. computer manipulation).  Cropping and composition is done in-camera, at the time of exposure. Images are cropped only to meet paper size specifications for printing. I try to delete in camera if I don't like what I see. Not always possible, but it cuts down on computer hours.

My photo editor of choice is Google's Picasa, which is no longer supported.  It is a first rate package and non-destructive. Any changes made to an image can be reversed. The original file is retrieved by simple undo's. Any HDR images are processed through Photomatix. Dust spotting of scanned film via an old copy of PhotoShop Elements. 

Picasa and printing ease are the only reasons I use a Windows (10) based PC.  Files backup storage is on both a Western Digital Passport external hard drive and my Linux Mint server that runs my home network. The Linux PC runs 24/7 52 weeks a year with no glitches or malware/virus issues to worry about.  Lose power, it shuts down via my UPS. Power comes back, I turn it back on. And we live in Hurricane country. But LiNUX printer support is marginal in my opinion. Documents OK, Images, not so great.

My equipment are: Sony RX-10, Fuji X-E3, Fuji X-T1, and an InfraRed converted Fuji X-A3. The X-A3 is difficult in daylight; no Viewfinder and a hard to see LCD screen. Indoors, the X-A3 is fine.  The X-E3 looks and handles much like my years ago favorite, a Leica M2, and is my carry around with a any of five prime lenses (14mm, 23mm, 35mm, 60mm macro, and 90mm). 

The X-T1 is an older body, but all the camera you need, and is weather sealed.  I pack two zooms with the X-T1, 18-55mm and 50-230MM. All lenses fit on all bodies, and the 90mm is heavy enough to be more comfortable on the X-T1. But it stays with the other primes.

The RX10 is a fixed lens bridge camera; 24mm to 200mm f:2.8 zoom lens (ZEISS). It is on the big size to me, but an all-in-one device, so if i am going into the woods, or some such, it might be my choice. The days of hanging two cameras around my neck are over. I do own and use two tripods, a Manfrotto and a Slick.

I prefer the extra f:stop the primes provide. Zooms, while versatile, are slower lenses and auto-focus etc, tends to be slower.  All Fuji lenses are SHARP... Check Ken Rockwell's Web Site...

As for filters, I may use a polarizer, but not often, and I keep a UV filter on every lens to protect the front element. Other than that, don't own any and see no need.  With the IR converted X-A3 however, filters are needed to block visible light.  I seldom use IR; it has become more of a gimmick with no practical value.

I doubt my financial outlay for all of my equipment matches what some photo buffs are laying out for the latest Mirrorless or Digital SLR camera body. It is sort of like my wife and shoes.  Something new? Gotta have it. I don't understand the thinking. After all these years, who aske questions?

I do own a Yashica Model C -120/220 film camera. Mint holdover from the old days. l also have Leitz 90mm f:4 Elmar, 135mm f:4.5 Elmarit abd 200mm f:4 Telyt (visoflex) lenses.  All in great shape. pix are sharp. Also, a Chinese made fisheye lens. Only get them out to play around

With COVID and the heat, I am learning a lot about my own back yard. Y'all enjoy the site. Any questions, Email... 

May have some stuff to sell if someone has a need.