A Few Of My Favorites

This gallery is representative of my work.  The pictures are not categorized by location, digital or film, or any other means.  My other pages are specific subject categories.  This collection are just images that I like.  Hope you enjoy them.

Photomatix on a windows PC (Win 10) handles the HDR images.  Others are via Picassa on the windows box and Shotwell Photo Viewer on my Linux PC and laptops.  I am moving to Open Source for all documents and accounting work, but find I have to keep windows until open source options are available for my photography.  Linux does offer Gimp image software, but I don't spend a lot of time with it since I don't alter images after they are out of the camera.

HDR is a fascinating photo process.  Since HDR requires at least 3 images of the same scene, a good eye and decent tripod is usually necessary - and will result in excellent images.

While sensor size is important to print size, even my LGX cell phone is represented here and has produced displayable quality 13"x19" prints.