This is the revised 2020 version. Work in progress.  Address all queries to email address below.

A word about these images: I am not a post-processing person.  Cropping and framing is done in-camera at the time of exposure. I don't believe in altering a photograph in the computer.  Improving is not the same as altering - I am a minimalist

My photo editor is Picasa from Google (No longer supported), but a first rate package. HDR images are processed through Photomatix. Any scanned film requiring dust spotting is accomplished by an old copy of Photoshop Elements.

The image is made in the camera.  The camera is an extension of the photographer's eye.  What comes out is pretty much what you will see here.

I use a Sony RX-10, Fuji X-E3, Fuji X-T1, and Fuji X-A3. The X-A3 is difficult to use in daylight.  No Viewfinder and a hard to see LCD screen. Indoors, they are exceptional.  The X-E3 looks and handles like my years ago favorite, Leica M2, and is my carry around with a 23mm prime lens.  The X-T1 is an older model, all the camera you need, without the bells and whistles. Plus, an all-metal weather sealed body.

I do own a Yashica Model C - 120/220 film camera. Mint holdover from the old days. Enjoy the site. Any questions, Email...