2021 revision. Always a work in progress.  Please address all queries and comments to the email address below. Can't have too much feedback


A word about the pictures:  I do not do a lot of post-processing (i.e. computer manipulation).  Cropping and composition is done in-camera, at the time of exposure. Images are cropped only to meet paper size specifications for printing.

My photo editor of choice is Picasa from Google (No longer supported), but a first rate package and it is non-destructive. Any changes made with this software can be reversed. The original file can be retrieved by simple undo's. Any HDR images are processed through Photomatix. Dust spotting of scanned film images is done with a very old copy of PhotoShop Elements.

Quite simply; The camera is an extension of the photographer's eye.  What comes out is what you will see here. If an image doesn't work or meet expectations, it is deleted in camera and I re-shoot (Not always possible)..

My current equipment are: Sony RX-10, Fuji X-E3, Fuji X-T1, and a fully InfraRed converted Fuji X-A3. The X-A3 is difficult to use in daylight.  No Viewfinder and a hard to see LCD screen. Indoors, the X-A3 is fine.  The X-E3 looks and handles like my years ago favorite - Leica M2, and is my carry around with a any of four prime lenses (14mm, 23mm, 35mm, 60mm).  The X-T1 is an older model, but all the camera you need with an all-metal weather sealed body.  I carry two zooms with the X-T1. All Fuji Lenses fit on all Fuji bodies. the RX10 is a fixed lens bridge camera.  I have to add in two good tripods, a couple of Domke bags, and a small Lowepro backpack. I do not carry everything everywhere. I pack for the venue.

Some will say that all these prime lenses can be replaced by a couple of zooms. True enough, but zooms with say an f:2.8 or wider capability are expensive and heavy. Neither feature attractive to my style.

And a word about filters.  There are UV filters, Polarizer filters, Neutry Density filters and InfraRed filters. There is a UV filter on every lens I own - to protect the lens. The IR filters go with my converted X-A3 for IR images.  I cannot remember the last time I used a polarizer or neutral density filter. This is going back to my film days in the 1980's. They're there, but I never need them. They stay in a box in the closet.  It's just me...

For you bean counters, The financial outlay for my equipment is slightly less than $3,500.  I include this for those who read and price camera systems now on the market. Throw in two good tripods, a couple of Domke bags, and a small Lowepro backpack

I do own a Yashica Model C - 120/220 film camera. Mint holdover from the old days. Enjoy the site. Any questions, Email...