Apr. 14, 2019

By Way Of Introduction

It took a long time, and a lot of pushing from my wife, but I have a web site.  The page headings are self explanatory.  For questions or information, Email me at: 


A word about these images: I am not a post-processing person.  Cropping and framing is done in-camera at the time of exposure. I don't believe in altering a photograph in the computer.  Some cropping is unavoidable if camera aspect ratio is not the same as print size.  This is not an issue viewing on the web page. What you see is what I saw.

Since the photos are both film and digital, Photoshop Elements 13 is used to "dust spot" scanned negatives. There is always dust on film.  Most digital deletions take place at time of exposure. I don't like what I see, hit the trash button. If I don't like what I see on the computer monitor, there is the delete key.

There are some High Dynamic Range (HDR) images that require software to combine multiiple exposures of an image. Photo-Matix is the software used.  Routine contrast and brightness adjustment is accomplished with Picasa, a non-destructive software program (from Google - and inexplicably no longer available).

I was taught that the imagee is made in the camera.  The camera is merely an extension of the photographer's eye. What comes out is pretty much what will be printed.

My equipment is now mirrorless. My last SLR/DSLR was retired or sold a few years ago. I favor prime lenses but realize that a good zoom at times can save footsteps.  I own a Sony RX-10 bridge camera with an excellent Zeiss 24-200mm f:2.8 zoom. There was a similar lens on the Sony DSC-F828 which I carried in Italy years ago.  My carry around camera now is a Fujifilm X-E3 with both prime and zoom lenses. The Fuji resembles and handles like the Leica M2 I owned years ago, and still miss.  But it was film and so...

I have recently come into a pair of Fuji X-A3 and X-A5 bodies which take the Fuji X mount lenses and go with me when I really want to travel light.  I particularly like the X-A5 and 23mm F:2.0 Fuji prime combination.  ("Baby" Leica?)

This site will alwys be a work in progress. I hope you enjoy it.  Comments or questions?  Email me at the address above.